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Multifunction Lithium Battery Making Machine 1-24 Series PCB Board Test System

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: BT
Certification: ISO9001
Model Number: BMS Tester
Payment & Shipping Terms:
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: USD 2700-5400 set
Packaging Details: Wooden case
Delivery Time: 8 work day
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability: 50 set month
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Detail Information

Input Power: AC220V Power Supply Fluctuation Range: 170v-260v
Work Environment: -10℃-40℃ Working Humidity: 10%-90%
Maximum Power: 600w Voltage Range: 0-5v
Current Module: 60A、120A Dimension: 410*420*200mm
Weight: 15KG
High Light:

Multifunction Lithium Battery Making Machine


AC220V Lithium Battery Making Machine


Multifunction PCB Board Test System

Product Description

Lithium Battery Pack 1-24 Series Protective Plate (BMS) PCB Tester







The PBTS multi-function protection board test system is mainly used to detect whether the functional indicators

of the power battery protection board are within the range of parameters, so as to provide a set of testing

standards for the staff


Test functions include: overcharge protection voltage, overcharge recovery voltage, overcharge protection

voltage, overput recovery voltage, overdischarge current protection, short guarantee performance test, charging

current protection, balanced open voltage, balanced real-time current, total self-consumption current of protection

board, single section self-consumption current.



♦ Short circuit protection test (means the true short circuit protection test at the microsecond level)
♦ Single self-consumption test (worth core current for each protective plate trumpet)
♦ Equilibrium current and balanced voltage (of accurately grasping the balanced current and balanced voltage)
♦ When the core voltage is too low, the current is too high, and the voltage is inconsistent, the protection plate

    will play to power off the whole battery pack
♦ You can test the voltage and overdischarge current of the protection plate
♦ Items can be tested according to customer requirements, in which the performance parameters of the

   protection board are accurately tested
♦ Quick mode quickly determines whether the protection board parameters are within the set range
♦ Super capacitance, fully simulate the PACK battery voltage, instant short circuit to the protection plate,

    accurately capture the short circuit time and current





Test Range



Number of test strings

1-24 string


Reference Voltage

Ternary lithium(3.8V),

Lithium iron phosphate(3.0V)


Overcharge protection voltage



Discharge protection voltage



Overcharge Recovery Voltage (self-recovery)



Discharge  Recovery Voltage (self-recovery)



Overcharge protection current



Overdischarge protection current



Equalizing open voltage




Equalizing real time current




Overcurrent protection delay



Overcharge protection delay



Overdischarge protection delay



Total self-consumption



Single section self-consumptive power



Loop Resistance



Short Circuit Protection (over 10 series)



SCOPE of application

All hardware solutions and most software boards available on the market



The normal version of the device can do up to 24 strings, if more than 24 strings can be customized.

The normal version of the device overflows with 60A and 120A, and can be customized for high currents.

Need special test items, can be customized


   1.jpg -1.jpg


Multifunction Lithium Battery Making Machine 1-24 Series PCB Board Test System 3_20200606111956



A: The battery pack can be charged and discharged normally, but after a period of time a cell voltage to 0 v?

B: When a section of the protection board leakage state of a capacitor (usually leakage current will be very small,

the maximum milliampere level) connected to the battery after the use of equipment can not detect the battery

leakage performance, this energy-saving cell power consumption by the protection board has been consumed,

in the consumption before the end of the timely charging, this group of batteries will be scrapped. Therefore,

it is recommended that the battery cell must be tested before installing the protective plate, and each section

of the protective plate consumes its own power.

A: Each cell is strictly paired, but each cell has a different voltage after a battery has been in use for some time?

BThe inconsistency of battery voltage may be caused by the difference of self-consumption of single cell,

or the change of internal resistance of cell during discharging.

A: Charge and discharge aging when why will find the battery protection in advance?

B: Battery protection in advance may be a section of protection plate protection voltage value is not, or the

battery charge and discharge cycle after the internal resistance changes. At this point can be used under

the precision multimeter each battery voltage is consistent, if it is consistent that is the protection plate

problem, otherwise for the cell problem.

ATwo Protection Plate over-current protection value is the same, why is one connected to the load will be protected,

  the other can discharge normally?

BWhen the Protection Board is designed, each parameter has a delay value, only when the parameter

duration is longer than the delay value, the protection board will play its role and the whole battery will be

 cut off. The delay data can be adjusted appropriatel


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