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How to improve the efficiency of lithium ion battery spot welder

September 2, 2021

There are two concepts to improve the service efficiency of battery spot welder:

First, improve the application efficiency of welding machine:

Second, reduce the maintenance time of the welding machine and gradually realize the non maintenance of the welding machine. No repair is a good thing for operation and maintenance, but no or less maintenance of welding machine is related to product quality. Therefore, the only way to improve the use efficiency of welding machines is to improve the quality of newly manufactured welding machines.

Improve the structural design and coordinate the functional life of each component. Maintenance free design is the highest limit of idealized design. The so-called no repair design is equal life design, so that each component can reach the same or similar service life. Except that the vulnerable parts must be replaced, the general parts will not be replaced in the whole service life cycle, and will be scrapped at the same time if they exceed the service life. Of course, in reality, it is difficult to achieve the ideal system, but this concept requires our designers to make continuous efforts and gradually realize it in stages.

Reform process to ensure quality. Whether the manufacturing process of battery spot welding machine adopts new technology is a restrictive factor to improve the performance and quality of welding machine. Over the years, product upgrading has been slow, and technology is one of the main reasons. The design of welding machine is subject to the process conditions, rather than the needs of structural reform. In recent years, this aspect has been improved due to the impact of foreign advanced process conditions.

The primary and balance reactor windings adopt the disc winding method, which is labor-consuming, time-consuming and material consuming; Now, it is changed to the barrel winding method for the primary and vertical winding for the secondary and balance coils, saving labor, time and material. This reduces the weight, saves raw materials, improves the coupling coefficient and brings a new improvement in quality for the welding machine based on ZX5.

At present, while the existing welding machine manufacturers continue to pay attention to the appearance, shape and style, they should pay attention to the internal quality of the welding machine, improve the load persistence rate of the welding machine and produce according to the national standard. While paying attention to product quality, battery spot welder manufacturers should strengthen the production and supply of supporting parts and vulnerable parts to meet the market demand. At the same time, the designer shall use general, common and high-quality welding machine accessories as far as possible.

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