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Introduction to six advantages of battery spot welding machine

September 2, 2021

Latest company news about Introduction to six advantages of battery spot welding machine

Battery spot welder is also known as precision spot welder or high frequency spot welder. Using the resistance between the contact surfaces of two workpieces, the contact surfaces of two butted metals are heated to melt and fuse instantly through low voltage and high current. Six advantages of battery spot welding machine are introduced:

1. Energy saving. Battery spot welder is suitable for the standardized production of 18650 cell digital battery, power battery and mobile power supply.

2. The direction of welding spot is arbitrary spot welding design, which can be double or four points.

3. High welding precision. The flash process is controlled by PLC and imported stepping motor, which can accurately set the burning amount and burning speed; The welding current is controlled by microcomputer resistance welding controller, and the center distance error of film head after welding can be controlled within ± 0.2mm, which is convenient for subsequent assembly welding.

4. Automatic centering function. Ensure that the spacing between both ends of the pipe string and the ends of the two pieces is consistent before welding, so as to ensure the consistent burning amount at both ends.

5. High welding efficiency. As the force doubling cylinder is used for pressing the workpiece, its reaction speed is obviously faster than that of the hydraulic cylinder.

6. Convenient operation and maintenance services. Since there is no hydraulic station, there are few commissioning points and fault points of the product, and there will be no oil leakage.

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