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What are the common problems of precision spot welder during welding, with solutions

September 2, 2021

The common problems of precision spot welding machine during welding are: incomplete penetration of welding point and spatter during welding, resulting in poor welding of spot welding machine. Therefore, in the actual use of spot welding machine, pay attention to the following matters.

1、 The precision spot welder is overheated:

1. Check whether the insulation resistance between the electrode base and the body is poor, resulting in local short circuit.

2. Check whether the water inlet pressure, water flow and water supply temperature are suitable, and whether the system is blocked by dirt, resulting in overheating of electrode arm due to poor cooling.

3. Check whether the touch surfaces such as copper flexible coupling and electrode head are severely oxidized, resulting in increased touch resistance and severe heating.

4. Check whether the welding thickness and load continuation rate meet the standard, so that the welding machine is overloaded and heated.

2、 There should be no spatter during spot welding:

1. Check whether the current is too high or the pressure is too low.

2. Insufficient strength of welding workpiece: the time-division current of welding is getting smaller and smaller, showing the phenomenon of weak welding.

3、 The solder joint is not fully penetrated, the nugget composition is poor or does not form:

1. Incomplete penetration means that there is no "lentil" like nugget arrangement during spot welding. This disadvantage is dangerous and will greatly reduce the strength of the solder joint.

2. Adjust welding parameters. If it is acknowledged that there is no problem with the parameters, it is necessary to check the main power supply circuit, such as whether the power supply is sufficient, whether the welding transformer is damaged, etc.

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